Duke & Sons Leather

Belt, black color, vegetan leather, hand stitched. solid brass buckle, 40mm (1.57")


This belt is made from A-grade vegetable-tanned leather. With a thickness between 3.5 - 4mm (0.15")* and available in 4 colors*, this belt will last a lifetime. With hand-stitched solid brass buckle attachment and teardrop holes. 

The belt is hand-cut from a whole hide that is handpicked carefully. The edges are trimmed and burnished by hand to get a smooth finish.

Have a good look at the size chart to determine your size.
The best way is to measure a used belt from the end of the leather where it folds around the buckle to the most commonly used hole.
You can send me the measured distance to make the belt a perfect fit or choose a size from the size table

Thicker leather fits tighter, so if you’re going from a thin department store belt to a much thicker belt, you’ll want to order 1-2" larger than your thin belt.
Your older belt might curve so try to measure it as flat and straight as possible.

Our belts can feel a bit stiff when new, which will make them feel tighter.  As they soften up they will contour your body more closely and loosen up.  While this isn't technically stretching, it does affect the fit.

Almost every incorrectly sized belt is too small.  If you're unsure, ordering larger is much safer than ordering smaller. 

Sizes are available from S till XL. Bigger sizes on request depending on the size of the hide.

You can also contact me for advice.

(*Leather is a natural product so thickness and color can vary)

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