Welcome to our shipping page where we can explain our shipping methods.

Because we're based in the Netherlands, we use our domestic postal service PostNL. A very reliable company. In the past years I used their service I never had complains about domestic shipments.
When I ship international with track & trace, they provide accurate information from their back office when needed.

Shipping with PostNL
When shipped with PostNL your domestic postal service will deliver the package at your door. In most countries, those services are also very reliable. However, it is good to mention a few points:
- depending on the amount of your order I will use normal economy shipping without track & trace. (you can shipping fees at check out)
- you can upgrade shipping and choose track & trace by PostNL
- this means that there can be an extra transfer time due to customs when your shipment will arrive in your country. (for expected transfer times you can check:
- when the shipment has arrived in your country and at customs, you can't track your shipment during that process of clearing the package and transferring to your local postal service.
- when shipped with track & trace you can always follow your package 
PostNL International parcel tracking

The tracking code provided can be used in your domestic postal service website when the package is cleared by customs and handed over to your local service.
If you don't have a reliable domestic postal service, I recommend you choose the track & trace upgrade!

Shipping with DHL Express

We also offer to ship with DHL Express with the following expected lead times.
The rates are calculated at check out.
DHL Lead time
When choosing DHL you can use their extended services like:
DHL services
If you are looking forward to receiving your custom made product fast, I advice you to use DHL.
For further question you can always contact me: